I discovered yoga relatively late in life after turning up to a local class with no idea what yoga is about or what to expect. That experience was a bit like falling in love; I just knew it was right for me. I am not naturally flexible or strong but yoga has increased both of these for me. Just as importantly yoga has given me tools to help concentration, focus, calmness and reflection. As an added bonus it's given me a network of supportive fellow students, friends, and colleagues.

The biggest thing for me though is that yoga is huge fun. I love to laugh, especially at myself, and yoga provides plenty of opportunity for that as I continue to learn that some of my long held beliefs about what I can and cannot do were mistaken. 

Even though I loved it I remember how daunting those early classes were so I aim to make every person coming to class feel personally welcome and at ease. 

Having been gifted so much from the practise of yoga I am thrilled to be able to share it with others. Learning from many wonderful teachers and students has been a joy, and I continue to learn by regularly attending classes with Sandra Howling and attending training courses and workshops to develop and increase my own knowledge.

My personal style of teaching is to make everything we do in class accessible to everyone and to make however long we spend together challenging in the best possible way and for us to smile while we make progress.

When not practising or teaching yoga I can be found at the beck and call of my gorgeous Norwegian Forest Cat, sharing life with my husband, making mosaics for the garden, cooking or struggling to improve my French language skills and knowledge of French life and culture. Notice that housework does not feature in this list; I do that too but very badly!



I aspire to inspire before I expire
— Eugene Bell Jr.