Ros brings a refreshing and realistic approach to yoga, always ready to offer alternatives to those with injuries or issues to practise safely and gain maximum benefit without compromising the full posture. She explains the benefits from each posture and opens each class with breath work to get you in the ‘zone’. Ros is very personable and friendly and makes you feel at ease regardless of your level of experience.
— Jo
As a beginner I was taught the key basic yoga poses and the encouragement from Ros highlighting that all our bodies are unique and what one person finds easy another will find more difficult, I felt completely comfortable within my classes. I must add, this was not a class just for the body, but also the mind and soul! Learning the history and the meaning of poses. A true awakening for mind, body and soul. Thank you Ros.
— Nicola
I followed a Beginners Yoga class with Ros & found it to be thoroughly enjoyable and instructive.
Her easy manner and gentle humour make her an excellent teacher and she always makes you feel that you are achieving the best practise for you - there are always options to make it easier or harder , so all levels of experience (and flexibility) are well catered for. You learn the correct way to get into each posture and how it should feel, so you know you are working safely for your own body.
My husband has been doing yoga for quite some time and he also loves Ros’s classes. He finds them challenging but very relaxing.
They are always a pleasure to be part of and when you come to relax in Savasana you can feel the tension melting away - usually to the accompaniment of a few gentle snores!
— Zoe and Chris
As a mother of a 3 and 5-year-old plus running my own business can be difficult to juggle at times. I needed somewhere where I could tune out of all the things I need to do turning round in my head. I am so thankful to have joined Ros’s class. It was a breath of fresh air, calm, mellow and not complex at all. Ros’s extensive knowledge of yoga is amazing and I liked the fact that she went into detail about everything we were doing, the reasons behind it and the benefits. At the end of each session, I felt like I was floating on a cloud, all mind thoughts were gone and ready to tackle my day! Great value for money and I look forward to joining Ros’s retreats in the future!!!
— Selina Johnson
Ros was a brilliant teacher to have as somebody new to yoga - incredibly supportive, encouraging and knowledgeable as well as being wholehearted in her approach to yoga and life. As my practice has gradually developed, I’ve continued to learn a huge amount from her and her classes always have a fantastic vibe about them.
— Juliette Culver