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Building a Home Yoga Practice

I am co-hosting this retreat at Akarmalife Studios Ampthill.


Coming to a yoga class is great; the energy of practicing with other people, the guidance of a teacher and a regular commitment to your practice. But there are huge benefits to doing yoga at home too. Here are my top 5:
1. You choose a time and place to practice that suits you.
2. There is no one to compare yourself to so you can just focus on looking inwards and exploring.
3. You create a discipline of self-care, perfect for helping you de-stress.
4. You can spend as long as you like in a particular pose or choose to flow and move.
5. You can practice in your pyjamas or underwear if you like!

In this workshop we'll look at how to create home practice sequences that work for you and your body, how to set up your space and how to use improvised props to support you.

£25 investment, booking via Akarmalife.